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  1. Hi, Can you upload the update?
  2. Vincenzo


    Ah, I have now seen that there is also another error, namely this: INSERT INTO `books_members` ( `books_member_id`, `books_access`, `books_submit`, `books_amazon_url`, `books_amazon_affiliate_id` ) VALUES ( 5043, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL ) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE `books_member_id`=VALUES(`books_member_id`), `books_access`=VALUES(`books_access`), `books_submit`=VALUES(`books_submit`), `books_amazon_url`=VALUES(`books_amazon_url`), `books_amazon_affiliate_id`=VALUES(`books_amazon_affiliate_id`) IPS\Db\Exception: Column 'books_access' cannot be null (1048) #0 /home/qknqwabh/public_h
  3. Vincenzo


    Hi Adriano, since I updated with the new version, in ACP I find many errors in the registry Errors that occur during normal user browsing (without the need to use the Books application) The error is always this: IPS\Db\Exception::1048 INSERT INTO `books_members` ( `books_member_id`, `books_access`, `books_submit`, `books_amazon_url`, `books_amazon_affiliate_id` ) VALUES ( 1959, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL ) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE `books_member_id`=VALUES(`books_member_id`), `books_access`=VALUES(`books_access`), `books_submit`=VALUES(`books_submit`), `boo
  4. Hi, can you update the application here, so today, do I check directly with the new version?
  5. Thanks for the test. Tomorrow I try to reinstall Tapatalk and try again with a test user. Then I will let you know
  6. Correction: the application has been accepted but the user has NOT received any notification and not even the PM despite having enabled it before sending
  7. Hi, after accepting a candidacy from a user, I entered the reason and enabled the sending of the answer to the user. I sent everything and I got this error related to an application that we use regularly: Tapatalk for IPS I went back to the application page and the candidacy was accepted despite the error. Since Tapatalk is an official application that we use a lot, do you think I should uninstall it? I checked and it is updated to the latest version. https://www.tapatalk.com/download_IPBoard Are you getting this error?
  8. Hi, I have a request for you on this application: I would like to allow the user who has been banned from a specific forum, to view ONLY a topic of that forum (that is, the one where he participated) For example, I have a forum where there are presentations from each new member, and I would like a user banned from that forum to be able to view ONLY THEIR presentation Do you think it can be done?
  9. Vincenzo

    Copy Topic

    It works perfectly, thanks P.S. You have a PM
  10. Vincenzo

    Copy Topic

    Hi Adriano, I need your help. A long time ago you gave me a css code to be able to solve my desire but now I can't find it anymore. I'll explain: With this your plugin Copy Topic 1.1.4 I could not copy also the new description field created by this other plugin https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7765-nb40-topic-description/ Would you be kind enough to help me solve my problem a second time?
  11. @Adriano Can you update it?
  12. Found it. Which one should I change? .ucc or .ucc hover?
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