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Copy Topic

This plugin will allow moderators with permission to MOVE CONTENT to also copy topics to the same forum, to another forum or even to a Club topics feature.

Topic Info tab:

  • Choose the destination forum (it can be the same forum) or a club topics feature
  • Topic title: popup appears with the current title, but you can type a new one
  • Topic author: popup appears with the current author, but you can choose a new one

Topic State tab:

  • Allows you to start the  new topic with the following states: locked, pinned, hidden and featured
  • This tab will only appears if the moderator has any of the permissions: lock content, pin content, hide content or feature content. If the moderator has only one of them, only this one will appear.

Topic Replies tab:

  • Allows you to choose if you also want to copy the replies from the source topic. You also has the option to keep the original posts date or if they will have the current date/time on new topic.
  • This tab will only appears if the source topic has replies.

Extra Data tab:

  • Option to copy topic prefix and tags
  • Option to increment topic author content count.
  • If the source topic has a poll, it will display an option asking if you also want to copy the poll (not the votes, only questions and choices).

If the source topic has attachments, they will be added to the new topic as if they were added using the Insert existing attachment IPS4 feature.


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Hi Adriano, I need your help.
A long time ago you gave me a css code to be able to solve my desire but now I can't find it anymore.
I'll explain:
With this your plugin Copy Topic 1.1.4 I could not copy also the new description field created by this other plugin https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7765-nb40-topic-description/
Would you be kind enough to help me solve my problem a second time? 

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Vincenzo, you're asking me tcohings outside of the scope of my plugin. Honestly, I already did this to you one time... the support is on MY plugin. This is the last time!

Open the right php file in /plugins/copytopic and

			$form->add( new \IPS\Helpers\Form\Text( 'ct_title', $topic->title, TRUE, array( 'trim' => FALSE, 'max' => 255 ) ) );

Add below:

			$form->add( new \IPS\Helpers\Form\Text( 'ct_description', $topic->description, TRUE, array( 'trim' => FALSE, 'max' => 255 ) ) );

Then find;

				$newTopic->title = $values['ct_title'];

Add below:

				$newTopic->description = $values['ct_description'];

I'm supposing the field is TOPIC_DESCRIPTION. If it isn't, search support with the other dev.

That's the most you will get from me on this.

I have to support on my plugin and it doesn't include 3rd-party!

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