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Topic Under Special Surveillance

This plugin will give to users from specific user groups the ability to put topics under special surveillance, by adding a badge (risk of closure) and message in specific places to users get advised that won't be tolerated flaming/discussions on those topics.

Users from selected groups will have access to a new area on ModeratorCP (Topics Under Special Surveillance) to get a list of all topics under special surveillance. From that new area, those users will be able to remove the special surveillance status from topics (same can be done in topic view). Those users has also the abilitiy to receive a notification everytime another user put a topic under special surveillance.

Every action (add or remove special surveillance status) is added on Moderator Log for further check.
Badge RISK OF CLOSURE will appear on:

  • Forum view
  • Topic view

Message will appear:

  • Above fast reply on every topic that is under special surveillance


  • Groups allowed to put  or remove a topic from special surveillance
  • Forums where the hook will work
  • Message to appear above fast reply
  • Follow settings: if the users from selected groups will automatically follow topics put under special surveillance


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