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Hello, I have installed the plugin and everything works correctly, but I have a small problem that I would like to solve.

I am setting up a forum that will be in the Spanish language. I translated the plugin and everything fits well, but I can not translate the way the forums name appear in the forums list. How can I remove 's that appears after the club name?


In Spanish that form of plural is not used but I can not find the way that does not appear.

For example, I need to eliminate what is highlighted in red:

Mi club's de amigos Foro del club

Can you help me?

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Another question

Is there any way to change the name presentation order?

Instead of putting "Mi club de amigos Foro"  I would like it to come out " Foro Mi club de amigos".

In the English language they build the sentences in reverse that in the Latin languages. Is strange this way of constructing the name for a spanish when reading


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