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  • Stop All Member's Email Notifications By Adriano

    This application will allow admins and moderators to disable all email notifications from other members directly in their ACP and public profiles. You must enable a new moderator permission if you want moderators to use the resource. All actions are logged.
  • Community Map By Adriano

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    Community Map is an application that allows users to put their exact or approximate location onto an interactive map.  Create unlimited markers and map out the world! Highlights Create unlimited marker groups for member meet-ups, exhibits, landmarks, highlights, shops, or other geographic listings. Maps can overlap in a global map.    Administrators can control what member groups are allowed to post to map Import markers from Google Earth using a .kml or .kmz file
  • Services By Adriano

    Visually based on the Providers Directory from IPS, this app will allow members to offer their services in your community. You can verify the record and allow members to bump their records, which will bring them to the top of the listing. Features: Flexible options to enable comments and reviews system. Extra Fields. Profile tab to display the record submitted by the profile owner. Areas: You can establish designated badges to refine and focus the organi
  • Videos Directory By Adriano

    This application will give users the ability to create records from their preferred videos on both YouTube (including regular and short videos) and Vimeo. The application automatically retrieves video thumbnails so all you need to do is enter the video title, paste the URL, and optionally add a description – that's it. Converter from the old Videos application: Please refer to https://www.sosinvision.com.br/index.php?/forums/topic/2484-videos-directory/&do=findComment&commen
  • Routes By Adriano

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    Empower your community members with the ability to submit (by uploading a GPX file), explore, and engage with routes like never before. The Routes application seamlessly integrates with your Invision Community platform, enhancing user experience and fostering a vibrant community around outdoor activities, travel, and exploration. Route Submission: Users can effortlessly submit routes directly through the application. They can provide detailed descriptions, upload GPX files, shar

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