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  • Books By Adriano

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    This resource uses Google Books API to grab data from any book to your site, as long the data is available on Google Books. This resource supports both 10 and 13-digit ISBN formats. All you have to do is type the ISBN, the API will add it for you*: Title Subtitle (if there's any) Description Author Publisher Year of Publication Number of pages Most important: it will upload the book cover automatically for you (*) Data will be
  • Tutorials By Adriano

    A full-featured Tutorials/Article system for your IPS Community. Here's a quick rundown of some of the features of this application: Fully compatible with the framework: Clubs, Reactions, Recommended Comments, Follow categories and tutorials, Content Messages, Search, Tags, Reports, RSS Feed, RSS/Atom Feed Imports, Advertisement, Bulk Mail, Sitemap, etc. Unlimited categories of articles, plus the unlimited depth of parent-child relationships Category
  • Raffles System By Adriano

    This application will allow members to create and manage raffles and giveaways on your board. Features: Ability to choose which type of content per category: only Raffles, only Giveaways, or both Up to 100 prizes per raffle/giveaway (category setting) Restrict members participation per raffle/giveaway by: Tickets per member (raffles only) Number of participants Content count Reputation points/likes Number o
  • Quizzes By Adriano

    Quizzes is a fun (graded quiz - one or multiple right answers) application that allows you and your members to add Quizzes to your forum. With leaderboards, categories, and a unique layout, The Quizzes is sure to be a hit with your members. The Quizzes comes, among other things, with the following features: Three types of quizzes: graded moded (with time challenge and leaderboard ranking - ONE or MULTIPLE RIGHT ANSWERS and study mode (with no time challenge and leaderboard)
  • Community Map By Adriano

    Community Map is an application that allows users to put their exact or approximate location onto an interactive map.  Create unlimited markers and map out the world! Highlights Create unlimited marker groups for member meet-ups, exhibits, landmarks, highlights, shops, or other geographic listings. Maps can overlap in a global map.    Administrators can control what member groups are allowed to post to map Import markers from Google Earth using a .kml or .kmz file
  • Jobs By Adriano

    This resource will allow members to submit job opportunities and curriculum vitae to help people find jobs. Job Opportunity submissions: You can build your forms with the fields you judge necessary. Each form can be assigned to specific groups via permission. You can add email addresses to be alerted when someone applies for a job opportunity. Unlimited categories, plus the unlimited depth o

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